Our target

30% of alternative fuels in the fuel mix by 2030.


As part of our Sustainability Commitments 2030, we have redefined our targets for the use of alternative fuels for the Group. By 2030, the share of alternative fuels in the fuel mix will reach 30%. 

Alternative Raw Materials

The conservation of natural resources

is part of our sustainable business strategy. That is why we trade waste materials and by-products from other industries as valuable raw materials and fuels. Alternative raw materials are used for the production of clinker, which is the most important intermediate product in the manufacture of cement. In this way, the amount of CO2 intensive clinker in the final product is reduced.

Alternative Fuels

Help solve waste disposal problems

These resources function as alternatives to finite natural raw materials and fossil fuels in the production of cement. In this way, we are helping to conserve resources and solve the problems associated with waste disposal faced by municipalities and industrial companies. 

You can find everything about the Sustainability Commitments 2030 on our Heidelberg Materials website.

Sustainability Commitments 2030